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Beauty is an Alternative School Curriculum Impact on Students' Career Choices
Jin-A Hwang, Mee-Ok Choi
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(6):1059-1066.
Effect of Ethanolic Extract from Wheat Sprout on Hair Growth of C57BL/6 mouse
Eun-Mi Ryu, Gwan-Woo Seo, Keun-Hong Kee, Hyun-Jae Shin
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(6):1051-1057.
A Study on the Behavior of Nail Care in Elderly Women
Jung Min Shin, So Young Kwon, Ae Jung Kim
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(6):1043-1049.
Legislation Improvement Measures for National Technical Qualifications for Cosmetology
Eun Hwa Lim, Ji Young Hwang, Hyun-Jung Kim
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(6):1033-1041.
Regulations of Organic Cosmetics in Europe
Sung Nae Lee
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(6):1023-1032.
Series 9. Collaborative Research
In Jae Lee
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(6):1017-1022.
The Effects of Manual Lymph Drainage and Swedish Abdominal Massage on Autonomic Nervous System and Constipation in University Student with Psychological Stress and Constipation
Sung-Joong Kim
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):1009-1014.
A Study on the Analysis of Career Perception of Students and Teachers in Beauty High Schools and Career Guidance
Minhee Kim, Shunhua Li
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):1001-1007.
Effects of the Face Pack Containing Kaolin, Adenosine and Plant Extracts on the Skin Improvement
Seong Jin Choi, Seung-Woo Baeck, Min Hwa Choi, Aryoung Jo, Hyun Hee Jang, Chang-Rok Oh, Kyu Joong Ahn, In Sook An, Sungkwan An, Jung-Sook Oh
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):993-1000.
A Study on Make-up Interest and Cosmetic Usage of Silver Generation Women
Mi-Hee Kim, Yoo-Jung Yoo, Hae-Jung Chon
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):983-991.
The Satisfaction and Effect of Oils Derived From Natural Plants on Skin Moisture of Female Group with Old and Poor Healthy Conditions
Hae Ok Kim
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):975-981.
Effects of Strawberry Plant Body Extracts on Whitening and Anti-Wrinkle
BongYun Oh, You-Seok Lee, Seung-Hee Nam, Sun-Kyung Lee, Seung-Bin Kwon, In Sook An, Haeyoung Na, Kyung-Ju Jung, Jeong-Hwa Kang
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):969-974.
The Sunscreen Usage Patterns of Adult-onset-acne Skin Type and Comparative Study on Detergency of Mineral Sunscreen According to Cleansing Method
In Jung, In Sook An, Sungkwan An
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):959-968.
Effect of Moisturizer Containing Avocado Oil on the Skin Moisture and Personal Satisfaction of 20s Female College Students
Euna Park, Gyo-Nam Kim, Hae Ok Kim
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):951-957.
The Effects of Er-miao-San Extract on Cell Proliferation in Normal Human Dermal Fibroblasts
Younjung Jung, Shun Hua Li
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):943-949.
Efficacy Evaluation of Sebum Adsorption on Chitosan Beads Produced by W/O Emulsion Method
Yun Kyoung Choi, Byung-Jo Ha
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):937-942.
A Study on Satisfaction and Fatigue After Massage in Adult Female
Ji-Yeon Lee, Hye-Youn Lee, Hye-Yeon Yeo, Sang-Mo Kang
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):927-935.
The Study of Maintain Management Act After Weight Control According to the Transtheoretical Model of the 20~30 ages Women
Seon Min Park
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):917-926.
Difference in Appearance Management Behavior in Accordance with Personal Color Awareness of Single Women of 20~30’s
Soo Nam Hong
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):909-916.
Preparation and Physical Properties of Porous Mask Sheet Prepared by Dispersion System of Gases in Liquids
Yun Kyoung Choi, Cae-Young Son, Byung-Jo Ha
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):903-908.
A Study of Influencing Factors on the Skin Pigmentation of 30s and 40s of Women
Yu-kyung Kwack, Tae-boo Choe
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):891-901.
The Effect of Abdominal Massage with Aroma Oils on Constipation in Elderly Stroke Patients
Yu-Gon Kim, Hyun-sook Bae
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):883-890.
Anti-wrinkle Effects of Converted Protopanaxatriol Prepared from Korean Red Ginseng
Sang Myung Lee, Young Ho Im, Seok Chang Kim, Jae Hwan Choi, Jin Hee Kim
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):877-882.
The Study on The Actual Health Conditions of Angular Labialis and Oral Mucosa
Min Jung Kim, Sang Mo Kang
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):863-875.
The Effect of Women Self-consciousness and Self-monitoring on their Skincare Behavior
Ji-Young Lee
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):855-861.
Inhibition of Tyrosinase by Bio-conversioned Morus alba Extract
Eun-Joo Kim, Ji-Sun Moon, Tae-Boo Choe
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):845-854.
The Recent Trend of the Natural Preservative Used in Cosmetics
Jung-Eun Ku, Hyo-Sun Han, Jung-Hee Song
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):835-844.
A Review of Safety Evaluations of Cosmetic Preservatives
Sun Hee Jeong
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):827-833.
Series 8. Mentoring and Laboratory Culture
In Jae Lee
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(5):821-826.
A Clinical Study of Flavonoid Quercetin-Containing Cosmetics on the Skin Improvement
Chae-Won Lee, Hae-Jung Chon, Yoo-Jung Yoo
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2013;11(4):811-818.
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