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141 Series11. Ethics in Human Participants Research
In Jae Lee
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(2):141-146.
147 The Study and Professional Care of Nail Disease by Nail Technicians
Jung-Min Ko
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(2):147-153.
155 Volatile Compounds Analysis of the Extract from Dried Bark of Prunus sargentii and Physiological Activity of the Main Compound, Benzaldehyde
Do-Youn Im
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(2):155-162.
163 Melanogenesis Inhibitory Effects of Allium hookeri Extract in B16F10 Mouse Melanoma Cell
Yoensun Choe, Tae-Boo Choe
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(2):163-168.
169 Anti-oxidant and Anti-obese Activities of Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) Extract in 3T3-L1 Cells
Myung-Soo Shon, Gyo-Nam Kim
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(2):169-175.
177 Vinegar Diet Effects on the Fatigue Release after Full Body Meridian Massage
Hye-Yeon Yeo, Hye-Youn Lee, Ji-Yeon Lee, Sang-Mo Kang
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(2):177-189.
191 Antioxidant Activity and Oxidative Stress of Onion Extracts with Meridian Massage Therapy
Hye-Yeon Lee, Hye-Youn Yeo, Ji-Yeon Lee, Sang-Mo Kang
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(2):191-202.
203 Comparison of Antioxidant Activity of Kenaf Extract and its Flavonoids
Jung-Won Kim, Ji-Seon Moon, Tae-Boo Choe
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(2):203-210.
211 Effects of Cosmetic Eyelash Extension on Eyelashes Health Problems and Evaluation of Common Eyelash Nutritional Supplements
Kyoung Mee Song, Kyung Hoon Min
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(2):211-216.
217 The Study of Emotional Reaction Affecting the Face Image According to Illustration Various Form of Eyeliner
Min-Kyung Kim
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(2):217-223.
225 A Study on Tattoo Pattern Preference and Emotional Image Based on the Satisfaction with Body Among Male University Students
RanSug Seo
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(2):225-234.
235 Anti-oxidant Activity of Oil Extracted from Ginseng Seed
Ji-Hye Song, Myung-Soo Shon, Hae Ok Kim, Jong Sik Kim, Eui-Su Kim, Gyo-Nam Kim
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(2):235-240.
241 Antioxidant Activity and Personal Satisfaction of Avocado Oil as Cosmetic Material
Euna Park, Hae Ok Kim, Myung-Soo Shon, Ji-Hye Song, Gyo-Nam Kim
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(2):241-247.
249 Effects of Alliin on Cellular Protection, Up-regulation of Collagen and Down-regulation of MMP1 in Human Dermal Fibroblasts
So-Hyun Jeon, Dong-Heui Yi
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(2):249-258.
259 Satisfaction of Employed and Unemployed Nail Art Service Workers a Comparative Study of Education in China
Gui-Ye-Ra Seo, Hyun-sook Lee
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(2):259-265.
267 Quantitative Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Vibrating Cosmetic Devices
A-In Kim, Chenghwan Hwang, Byung Suk Jin
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(2):267-274.
275 A Meta-Analysis of Obesity Management Effects of Aromatherapy Use
Yeon-Ah Jeon, Nariyah Woo
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(2):275-281.
283 The Study on the Job Effectiveness and the Job Capability of Hair Service Industry
Su-Jung Kim, Jae-Hong Park, Eun-Jun Park
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(2):283-290.
291 The Study of How Benefits that Customers Receive Influences the Customer’s Satisfaction and Intentions to visit at Professional Hair Dyeing Salons
Sul-Gee Kim, Jae-Hong Park, Eun-Jun Park
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(2):291-298.
299 Functional Evaluation of Peach Leaf Extract as a Material for Natural Cosmetics
Hye-Rroon Jang, Hye-Jin Kwon, Doo Hyun Park
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(2):299-304.
305 The Beauty Service Industry Switching Barriers on Customer Satisfaction and Repurchase Intention
Ogim Han, Junglan Lee, Hyunjin Jung
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(2):305-314.
315 A Study of Abidence State of the ‘Guideline of Cosmetics’ Labels and Advertisements and Regulations’ in Medical Comsmetics in Korea
Ho Jung Jung, Yu Na Lee, Yang Won Lee, Yong Beom Choe, Kyu Joong Ahn
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2014;12(2):315-320.
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