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In this issue:

Clinical Trial of Multifunctional Cosmetics on the Effects on Skin -make use of Wonder 7-in-1 by Amarte-
Gi-Yeon Kim, Ae- Keong Kim, Mi-Ok Park, Chung-Hwa Chin
A Clinical Study on Effects of the Fermented Cosmetic Products on Skin - Focused on the Skin trouble products of MigadoCos-
Gi-Yeon Kim, Ae-Geong Kim, Sung-Wuk Ham, Chung-Hwa Chin
A Study on Consumer Satisfaction in Skin Care Shops according to Consumers’ Characteristics (Focused on capital areas)
Nam-Youn Kim
The Effect on Hair Loss for Impression Formation and Interpersonal Anxiety
Da-Hee Kim, Sung-Nam Kim
A Study on the Consumers' Recognition on Full Ingredient Labeling System for Cosmetics
Myoung-Hee Kim, Young-Hee No
A Study on the Impact of Nonverbal Communication on Customer Satisfaction and Word of Mouth Effect in the Beauty Service
Mi-Jung Kim, Yoon-Ji Bae
Influences of Perceptions of the Full Ingredient Labeling of Cosmetic Products on the Purchase Intentions of Environment-Friendly Cosmetic products - With a focus on the theory of planned behavior -
Sun-Kyung Kim, Chae-Jeong Han
The Effect of Decreasing on Stress, Depression and Climacteric symptoms Using the Rose and Clarysage Essential oil Body Massage in Korean Middle-aged women
Sung-Ja Kim, Chae-Jeong Han
A Study on the effects of the Iliopsoas Muscle Motion Release Therapy(IMMRT) on the belly and lower extremity.
Eun-Jeong Kim, Hyeong-Hee Song, Kwang-Jo Cheong
A Study on Form and Aesthetic characteristics of with Jjokmeori in korean women
Jin-Suk Kim, Chun-Sung Youn
A Study on Hair Style Behavior to Body Cathexis of Female College Student
Jin-A Kim, Sun Ah Kim, Sung-Nam Kim
Comparative study on behavior related to purchase of cosmetics by Korean women and American women
Se-Ja Ryu, Hyo-Kyung Ro, Dong-Kgun Seo
Effect of Sparassis crispa extracts on hair growth inhibition of hair-removed C57BL/6 mice
Eun-Mi Ryu, Hyun-Jae Shin, Myeong-Sun Na
The Effect of Manual Lymph Drainage on the Reduction of Stress and Edema after Facial Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Ja-Young Min, Hyung-Joo Kim
A Study on the Effects of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction and Shop Loyalty in the Beauty Industry
Sun-Ju Park
Facial Cranium Shaping Effect of Upper Body Beauty Facial Therapy
Yeong-Eun Park
An Analysis on Physical and Chemical Features and Components of Each Part of the Rumex crispus L.
Ju-A Park, Mee-Ok Choi, Han-Seok Kim
Perception of ordinary person about Digital Permanent Wave’s Wave
You-Na Song, Ji-Eun Kim, Eun-Jung Kang, Ji−Hoon Cho
The Actual Status of Face Washing in Women in Their 20s and 30s and the Influence of Cleansing Oil upon the Improvement of Their Facial Skin Dryness
Jung-Hee Song, Bong-Jo Kim, Eun-Jeong Choi
A Study on the Changes in Foot Shape after Caring Back Muscle Fascia
Ha-Soon Song, Hoon Kim, Chung-Hwa Chin
The Effects of Self-esteem and the Perception of Physical Attractiveness on Satisfaction with Major
Hee-Jin An, Wan-Kyun Whang, Young-Ae Lee
A Study of Scalp Protection Extracts of P runella vulgaris
Min-Jeong Ryu, Sook-young Lee
The Effect of Middle and Elderly Woman's Skin Care on Happiness
Chun-Sung Youn, Joung-Sook Kim
Prevalence and 10-year trend of metabolic syndrome in Korean children and adolescents: 1998-2008 Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
Ki-Hwa Lee, Chung-Un Chong
A Study on the Change of Facial Size by Meridian Scrapping Massage
Yeon-Ok Lee, In-Kyung Jung
A Review of Aromatherapy on Stress Management in Sportsman
Woo-Jin Lee, Seong-Gyun Hong
Study of the Damage rate change in Alkaline Chemical treatment according to Hair
Ha-Na Lee, Hee-Sook Cho
A Critical Review on the Public Health Control Act Amendment Bills
Han-Woon Lee, Heung-Ahn Moon, Young-Hun Kim, Jeong-Mi Im, Kum-Lan Kim, Soon-Nam Jang, Yang-Yi Lim, Woon-Hyun Lee, Myeong-Hee Lee, Hyo-Yeun Kim, Jae-Sook Shim, Sang-Mi Seo, You-Mi Lee
Comparative study about immunity modulation on IgE biosynthesis of Phellinus linteus (PL), Germinated Brown Rice (BR) and Phellinus linteus Grown on Germinated Brown Rice (PB)
Hae-Young Lee
A Study on Skin Conditions by Water-Soluble Cleansers
Seon-Hyeong Im, Seon-Sun Kwak, Ae-Kyoung Kim
Anti-Oxidant Activities and Regeneration Effect in HaCaT Cell Line by Jeju Island Aboriginal Gelidium amansii
Eun-Young Jung, Si-Kyoung Lee
A Study and Improvement of Program for Summer Work-Experience Program. - Searched for Skin Care Major-
Sook-Kyung Choi, Je-Ho Song
The Effects of Water Wrapping Procedure at Permanent Wave upon Wave Efficiency
Eun-Jeong Choi, Soo-Hyang Park
A Study on the Whitening Effects and HPLC Pattern analysis of Cirsium setidens Nakai.
Sun-Jung Hur, Eun-Young Park, Mi-Ja Ann, A-Reum Jang, Ki-Sook Yang, Wan-Kyun Whang
Inhibitory Effect on Acne Using Anti-Bacteria of Lavender Essential Oil in Adolescents
Young-Sim Yoo, Myung-Soon Na
429 A study on Factor related on Job for the Esthetician - Focused on the Job Ethics, Job Satisfaction, Job Attitude -
Mi-Suk Sin, Je-Ho Song
Kor J Aesthet Cosmetol. 2010;8(4):429-438.
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