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In this issue:

The effect of abdominal and back Meridian massage on changes of abdominal temperature in middle-aged women
Shin-Jung Yun, Seung-Hyen Pack, Woong-Seo Yoo
A Comparative Analyze of Wheat flour and Egg White on Scalp and Hair Damage in Straight Permanent
Ha-Na Lee, Hee-Sook Cho
Inhibitory Effect of Morus alba Extracts on Tyrosinase Activity and Melanogenesis in SK-MEL-2 cells
Min-Jeong Ryu
U-Learning based project teaching & learning model for the skin care subject
In-Kyung Jung, Tae-Im Song
A study on dandruff care and shampoo practicing of the female college students - focused on female college students in Seoul -
Myung-Won Joo, Dae-Soon Kwon
A Research on Students Majoring in Beauty Engaging in Community Service-A Study on the utilization of functional cosmetics materials-
Yu-ri Lee, Ara Cho, Young-hee No
The effect analysis of customer loyalty on satisfaction of equipment and service in a beauty salon
Jae-Min Choi, Yoo-Jung Yoo, Yeun-Suk Jeun
The study of Deconstruction expressed in modern hair design
Eun-Sil Kim, Ju-Sub Kim
The effects of amino fruit acid (AFA) peeling concentration on the skin of women in their thirties
Mi-sung Kim, Dong-mi Kim, Yeun-suk Jeon, Si-Kyoung Lee
The Effects of Relieving Menstrual Pain for Korean Twenties Women of the Back and Foot Massage using Stone Therapy
Chae-Jung Han, Myung-Eun Lee
Influence in application of sesame seed oil to the skin on a change in the aging and dry skin condition
Young-Ah Song, Hong-Seok Ahn
The Influence of Foot Reflexology Therapy using an Essential oil on the Fatigue degree, an Emotion, Anti-Stress.
Seol-Hee Lee, Young-Ran Kim
A Study on the Relationship of the State of Skin Care to Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy in Elderly Women
Joung-Sook Kim
The Effects of the Abdominal Meridian Massage on Constipation and Abdominal Obesity in Female College Students
Mi-Young Chung, Jung-Sook Oh
An Effect of Quality information processing Recognition and Human Service cause Recognition by Objective Beauty Knowledge of Consumer
Chang-Ho Hur
The Difference of the satisfaction level according to the Shopping Orientation of Cosmeceuticals -focusing on whitening, sun screen, anti-aging cosmetics-
Myung-Hee Kim, Choon-Sup Hwang
A Study on P . Rhizoma Extract's Anti-micobial Activity and Cytotoxicity
Jeong-Hee Mo, Su-Jeong Oh
Status and Prediction on Beauty Service Industry in KOREA
Chung-Hwa Chin
The Effect of Male University Students' Body Images on Appearance Management Behaviors
Chae-Ri Ahn, Chan-Hwi Cho, Eun-Jin Im
Study of TCM Pathogenesis mechanism of skin photoaging
Jing-Dong Wu, Hyo-Chul Kim
Effect of Ear Massage on Brain Waves
Na-Rae Jung, Young-Ran Kim
Effect of Rosemary Extract on Antioxidative Activity and Melanogenesis in Cultured SK-MEL-3 Cells
Yong-Leol Oh, Young-Mi Seo, Hyun-Ok Yang
A Study on Antimicrobial Effects of Silver-Alginate on Propionibacterium acnes
Mi-Hye Kim, Ju-Im Jung, Myung-Soon Na
Study on Exposure of Hair Shop worker to Airborne Volatile Organic Solvent through the respiratory system
Myung-woo Kim
A Study on the Major Satisfaction of Regular College Students and Student Users of the Credit Bank System - The case of the department of beauty art -
Yun-Jung Kim, Sung-Im Choi
Hair growth effect of ethyl acetate and water fractions of Sparassis crispa extracts on hair-removed C57BL/6 mice
Eun-Mi Ryu, Hyun-Jae Shin
A Comparative Study on Bioactivity of Dried and Fermented Salicornia Herbacea Extracts as Cosmetics Materials
Su-Jeong Oh, Jeong-Hee Mo
Research on appearance management behavior according to makeup behavior of elderly female and beauty therapy program operation measures
Jeong-Mi Im
A clinical study on effects of Opuntia humi fusa extracts on skin.
Do-Hee Lee, Jae-Hong Choi, Ju-Youn Kim, Sun-Soon Kwak, Eun-Hee Kim
A Study on the utilization of functional cosmetics materials···
Hye-Jung Koh, Hye-In Jang, Soo-Kyung Kim
The Effects of Essential oil and Massage on Abdominal Obesity Improvement of Middle-aged Women
Dong-Hwa Shin, Chung-Hwa Chin
Review on the function of LBP in anti-aging in skin
Jing-Dong Wu, Hyo-Chul Kim
A Survey on Usage of Alternative and Complementary Therapy in Youth People
Yeo-Jin Kwon, Young-Joo Ham
Effects of Moisturizing Cream with Natural Ingredients on Hydration and Persistency
Jung-Myo Shim
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