Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2015; 13(1): 27-34.
The Side Effects of Using Lip Cosmetics for Teenage Female Students
Ji-Hee Cho, Hae Jeong Youn, Kyu Joong Ahn, In-Sook An, and Hyunjoo Han
The purpose of this study is to determine how the use of lip-tint and lip-gloss among teens affect their lips. This research examines the change of dead skin on lips, lip color, and lip moisture. The researcher chose twenty female high school students and divided them into a control group and an experimental group after investigating the students’ homogeneity. The researcher gathered data for study through observation and student surveys over the course of 4 weeks. Students in the control group were asked to apply lip-gloss and the experimental group was asked to apply lip-tint three times a day in the morning, afternoon, and night. The researcher measured the changed amount of dead skin, lip color, and lip moisture before use, after two weeks of use, and after 4 weeks of use by using the spectrophotometer, DermaLab USB moisture probe, and video microscope. In the case of the control group, actual change was not significantly found after 4 weeks of lip-gloss use compared to before use. Therefore, it was considered as no change in the statistics. In the pigmentation change experiment for the experimental group, the upper lip coloring increased 9.61% and increased 10.69% on students’ lower lip. With regard to moisture ratio, the students who used lip-tint decreased 48.61% on their upper lips and decreased 43.87% of moisture on the lower lips after 4 weeks of use. It was examined that moisture decreased a lot from use of lip-tint. Also, an increase in the degree of dead skin on the lips and pigmentation were found from using lip-tint. After the experiment, all the students were given a subjective self-diagnosis assessment. In the subjective assessment of dead skin, 50% of the experimental group answered, ‘dead skin on the lips’, 30% of students answered ‘a lot of dead skin on the lips’, 70% of students answered ‘dry lips’, and 30% of students answered ‘very dry lips’. In the pigmentation change, 80% of students agree that ‘there was a change of lip color’. Also the survey showed that 80% of students answered that, ‘the cleansing of lip-tint is more difficult than that of lip-gloss’. This research showed that there were serious causes of tinted lip from using lip-tint. Also, the cause of cracked lips from having dry lips and dead skin on the lips was found. The finding of this study concluded that lip cosmetic products can cause pigmentation and dead skin problems to teenagers.
Keywords : Lip cosmetic, Lip-tint, Pigmentation, Dead skin, Dry lips